Why helium?

Helium is irreplaceable for applications in advanced manufacturing, cryogenics, commercial capturing, scientific research, leak detection, lifting and more.

While abundant in the universe, helium is rare in concentration resulting in limited global supply. Availability of helium, especially in North America, is expected to experience a prolonged deficit with the end of U.S. Bureau of Land Management helium sales in 2018.

The valuable properties of helium

Inert Gas (Noble Gas)

Helium is a noble gas. It will not react or explode, making it highly valuable for creating pure, non-reactive environments for manufacturing and research.


Very low health, safety, security, and environmental risks to humans, plants, and animals

Lighter than air

13.6X lighter than air, generating tremendous lift capabilities

Gaseous above -272°C

Helium is the only element suited to super-cooling, super-fluidity, and super-conducitivity in many applications

Small molecular size

As the smallest of the noble gases, helium is widely used for leak detection

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